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Blessed Virgin Marys!

Here is a list of the hand-painted Mary medals currently available at Theres Something About Marys. Please note we have listed ALL the Marys we can offer, even though some are not versions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We had to include everyone because, even if they are males or others Marys still, we have to admit, whoever they are...There’s Something About Marys!

All of our hand-painted medal packages included a tag card about the medal and the protection in offers. We also send a 20 inch ornamental beaded chain for easy wearing. This chain can be cut and adjusted to the shorter lengths some people prefer. We also put your Mary medallion in a felt drawstring pouch, to keep her safe and sound while in transit. Don’t be surprised if you also receive a little “lagniappe” with your order. Lagniappe is a French term that means “a little something extra.”

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A: St. Anne is included because she is the mother of Mary. Because of this privilege, she is honored and the patron of mothers and grandmothers.

Our Lady of the Assumption, the Blessed Virgin Mary image celebrating Mary’s elevation of her sinless soul and incorrupt body into Heaven. The Assumption of Mary occurred on August 15th and her Journey to Heaven is celebrated by many on that day.

B: Bernadette, celebrating the appearance of Our Lady of Lourdes, in Lourdes, France.

C: Our Lady of Charity (Our Lady of El Cobre) is popular around the world but especially popular in Cuba. Under this title, Mary gives protection to those who travel on the sea. There have been miracles and healings associated with the devotion to our Lady of Charity.

Clement Mary Hofbauer was a male Redemptorist priest who lived his entire life dedicated to the care of the poor in several places in Europe.

Our Lady of Czestochowa is an ancient image of Mary located in Poland. It has withstood several attempts to destroy it. This image has remained dear to the hearts of Polish people and helped them to turn to her for comfort and protection during times of war and occupation.

D: Our Lady of Divine Mercy, also known as Our Lady of Mercy, is from an apparition of Mary in 1218 in which she asked for the people to collect money to ransom the Christians who had been kidnapped by the Arabs of that time. It also reminds us to be merciful to others.


F: Our Lady of Fatima, Mary appeared to three children in Portugal in the year 1917. She asked for prayer and penance, especially to pray the rosary to help bring peace to the world.

G: Our Lady of Ghisallo This image is in a shrine in Ghisallo, Italy. She is the patron of travelers and especially, a mecca for cyclists.

Our Lady of GuadalupeMary appeared to Juan Diego in Mexico in the year of 1531. Through this devotion she brought peace and compassion to the native people and then to the rest of the world.

H: Our Lady of the Highway, under this title of Mary we ask for the protection of travelers and anyone who travels the highways.

I: Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception; this title of Mary celebrates the doctrine that Mary was conceived without original sin, making her worthy to be the mother of Jesus.

J: Juan Diego, is who Mary appeared to as Our Lady of Guadalupe, so we have included his medal and image.

K: Our Lady of Knock is an apparition of Mary that happened in 1879, in Ireland. Though there were no words spoken this brought peace, comfort and encouragement to the people during a difficult time.

L: Our Lady of La Salette In 1846 Mary appeared to two children. She was crying when they saw her. Her tears were for the world and how God had been forgotten and not honored. Mary wants peace for her children. Saints like St John Vianney, St John Bosco and St John Paul II were influenced by this apparition.

Our Lady of Loreto is connected to the Holy House of Loreto believed to be the home where the annunciation occurred. The home was miraculously transported repeatedly and finally landed in Loreto by a band of angels. This is why she of patron of aviation and air travelers. The house and the statue of Mary are at a shrine in Loreto.

Our Lady of Lourdes appeared to a young girl, Bernadette in 1858, in France. During one of the apparitions a spring of water started flowing and still flows today. The water has brought healing to many.

M: Madonna of the Streets is a painting of Mary carrying the infant Jesus while walking. It reminds many of when they were in need of finding a home, when they had to hurriedly leave Bethelehem to protect the Infant Jesus.

Maria Goretti 11 years old when coworker of her family attempted to rape her. She resisted and was stabbed 14 times. As she lay dying she forgave her attacker and prayed for his soul and conversion.

Mary Catherine Laboure was a religious sister to whom the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in 1831. During the apparition she asked that Catherine have a medal made that later became known as the Miraculous Medal.

Mary Magdalen while not much is known, her named is mentioned a few times in the Bible. We do know that her encounter with Jesus changed her life so much that she followed Him and His teachings for the rest of her days.

Mary MacKillop founded the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart in Australia in 1868. She and the order were devoted to education the poor and taking care of the native peoples of Australia.

Mater Dolorosa (Sorrowful Mother) This image depicts the Blessed Mother in her sorrow. As the mother of Jesus she suffered watching her beloved son, Jesus, as He suffered and died. This depiction brings comfort to many who are suffering in their own lives.

Our Lady of Medjugorje is an ongoing apparition today. The messages are calls of prayer and to help bring peace to this suffering world.

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary depicts Mary giving the Rosary to St. Dominic. She gave the promise to him that those who would pray the rosary with devotion would have her motherly protection.

Mother of Sorrows is another image of Mary in her sufferings and she witnessed her own son’s death.

Jean Marie Baptiste Vianeywas a priest in the late 1700’s in France. He was a merciful and loving confessor and was sought out by many. He was devoted to the Blessed Mother and prayed the rosary daily. He encouraged all who heard him to do the same.

Our Lady of the Miraculous MedalMary appeared to St Catherine Laboure and asked that this medal be struck and be worn with devotion. It wasn’t until later, when miracles began to happen, that people started calling it the Miraculous Medal.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel this image depicts the Blessed Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus and the scapular. This encourages many to devotion to Jesus and Mary, and to wear the scapular as a reminder to this.


O: Our Lady of Olives those who wear this medal are promised protection from lightning. Another promise it the protection of women who are about to become mothers and a safe delivery. Still another promise is to help mend fences and bring people together by the offering of an Olive branch.

P: Our Lady of Pompeii is an image of Mary giving the Rosary to St. Dominic with St. Catherine of Sienna watching. Today it is in a shrine in the city of Pompeii. There have been miracles from devotion to this image.



S: Our Lady of San Juan De Los Logos (Our Lady of Saint John of the Lakes) This statue is in the shrine of the same name. There have been miracles that resulted from the devotion to this image.

Stella Maris ( Our Lady of the Sea or “Star of the Sea”) this devotion is of Mary as the guiding star for our lives. This is in reference to sailors using the star to navigate their ships. This devotion is popular in fishing and costal communities.


U: Our Lady, Undoer or Knots in this image of Mary, we see her untying knots from a cord. In this devotion she is sought to give help to untie the “knots” of discord and angst in our lives. It is also Pope Francis’ favorite Marian devotion.


W: Our Lady of Walsingham Mary appeared to a woman in England and in the vision asked her to build a replica of the house that Mary lived in while living in Nazareth. This was done and a shrine was built, but during the English Reformation it was destroyed. The devotion survived and brings strength and comfort to many today, especially those connected to the United Kingdom, Great Britain.




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