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Fast Shipping

Patron Saint of Postal Workers

The Arch Angel Gabriel, the patron saint of Postal Workers, guides our packages as they are mailed to you. We strive to mail the medals on the day they are ordered, with up to 3-4 days to ship with USPS. Find more info on Arch Angel Gabriel on our companion web site

Easy Returns

Patron Saint of Merchants

Saint Nicholas, the patron of merchants, has encouraged us to have a very simple return and refund policy. You can always return your medal for a replacement if it is not what you prefer, including custom color changes. If you need to return your medal package for a FULL REFUND, we will refund your money, “NO QUESTIONS ASKED!” Find more info on Saint Nicholas on our companion web site,

Credit Card // PayPal

Patron Saint of Money Matters

Saint Matthew the Apostle, the patron money matters, diligently watches over each and every order that is processed through Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to place an order and Theres Something About Marys pays the fees incurred for the transaction. Find more info on Saint Matthew the Apostle on our companion web site,

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