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Our Lady of Gudalupe

The Basilica dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe is located in Mexico City, Mexico. The Blessed Virgin, appearing as Our Lady of Guadalupe, revealed herself to a peasant, now known as Saint Juan Diego, and instructed him to build a church. At first, the Church Elders were skeptical but Our Lady helped Juan Diego become a bit more convincing. She handed Juan a large bouquet of flowers and instructed him to bring them to the church leaders. Juan then put the flowers in a clothed sack and took them to the Bishop and said: “These are from my friend, the Blessed Virgin Guadalupe.” The Bishop opened the cloth and saw the beautiful flowers. And when he looked at the cloth, now known as the “tilma,” he saw that the image of Our Lady was miraculously created on the cloth while Juan Diego carried the flowers. This made the Bishop cry; he then knew Juan was speaking the truth, and had a Church built on the spot designated. Since then, millions have visited the Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine.

It is said that if one looks at an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and believes in her as faithfully as possible, and asks her for a Special Favor, she will grant it! Of course, you can’t go look at Our Lady of Guadalupe and expect to get the winning Powerball numbers, but she will offer some help and guidance as long as you look at her with love in your heart, believe in her as best you can, and ask for a reasonable favor. She will grant your request. I know, because I am speaking from personal experience…. Here’s my story of my close encounter with Our Lady of Guadalupe and the request she generously granted:

Once upon a time, I was in New York City with my friends Mary, Michele, and Rick. We were on our way to see the musical “Billy Elliott” on Broadway. We had some extra time and saw Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and decided to pay a visit. I saw an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, knelt before her and prayed. I was at a sort of crossroads with; it was not profitable financially and I had been wondering if perhaps it was time to just “shut it down” and go back to practicing law. I thought maybe selling hand-painted saint medals and serenity stories was not really a credible “occupation.” After all, I had spent and borrowed nearly $100,000.00 to complete my education and become a lawyer and I thought maybe I was being foolish and/or childish with my mission of sharing the lives of the saints in my own peculiar offbeat way.

So, I knelt before the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and looked at her intently. I believed in her as strongly as I possibly could. I closed my eyes and tried to talk to her. I could feel the tears flowing through my eyes wide shut! I talked with Our Lady and said how unsure I was, I explained about how I often felt like a fool for pursuing such an oddball endeavor, writing stories, painting medals and then offering them to others on the web. After a few moments, I felt a bit of comfort so I asked her indulgence and sought guidance. I asked Our Lady to offer a sign or signal about whether I should go back to practicing law. And then afterward, I got up and met my friends and we proceeded to go to the theatre to see the play.

When we arrived, we were pretty early and the doors were still closed, so we decided to have a drink next door while we waited to get to our seats. We arrived at the bar and settled in have a cocktail and chat. All of a sudden, my phone started to vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out and saw the notification that said "You’ve Got Mail!" So, I opened the mail function and there was a message from PayPal that said "Notification of Payment Received." SaintsforSinners had sold a medal! I clicked on the e-mail to see what saint had been bought. And there it was, my favor from Our Lady of Guadalupe had been granted. Someone had purchased 2 Our Lady of Guadalupe medal packages. The Our Lady of Guadalupe medal had not been a big seller and I took it as a sign from the Blessed Virgin that I should continue trying to share the lives and stories of the saints instead of going back to lawyering. And now, years later, I’ve created yet another site, this time paying particular homage to Our Lady of Guadalupe as well as others like her. It’s comfortably easy to venerate the “Our Ladies” and that is surely because “There’s Something About Marys!”